About Us

The Boxx Pro is the creation of husband and wife team Miguel and Audrey, with Miguel relishing the role as the front-man. He is Spanish, but was raised in Germany, where he studied English and French to develop a formidable core of languages.

Since March 2006 he has lived in Fuerteventura, working as the dive centre manager at Caleta’s Deep Blue Diving. The Boxx Pro was a logical progression, moving from manager to business owner to grow and achieve his ambitions.

The new venture was established in April 2017 and aims to help people with the challenges of island life. The name was inspired by his desire to think outside the box and ease the frustrations of those who can become trapped within. There are three primary elements to the work they undertake: paperwork, business and home.

The three colour logo is a nod to Miguel’s years at Deep Blue, with the darker blue representing the sea, the lighter shade the sky and the orange for contrast. The second “x” too is driven by a wish to stand out from the crowd. There may be plenty of companies named “Box” something, but there is only one Boxx Pro!